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Magento Steps Into The eCommerce Spotlight

The number of online businesses rises every day, exponentially, across the world. With so many businesses on the market, who do you think is behind the scenes, organizing all this action? For those of you who are new to the game, this global market phenomenon is commonly referred to as “eCommerce.” Like magento logo ecommerce debateeMail, but with commerce. You’ve probably heard of eBay and Amazon unless you’re still living in the dark ages!. Amazon and eBay were two of the original eCommerce platforms when the internet first made headway. In short, this platform facilitates the buying and selling of products online. It gives consumers access and retailers an avenue to sell. Magento Steps Into The eCommerce Spotlight

As the internet market evolved, defects in earlier platforms became more and more apparent. First, they were originally geared toward customers, not producers, brands, or manufacturers. Although they’re a space to sell, there’s no brand exposure or cohesion. There’s no opportunity for promotion. There’s no way for marketers to show the “big picture” of their brand on these sites, and few opportunities for B2B networking. Don’t get me wrong, platforms like are still very functional and relevant. But in light of the newer platforms, they are more appropriate for individual vendors and shoppers, not wholesale or B2B arrangements. Continue Reading